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Building a Health Narrative

Building a Health Narrative

We recently ran into a great blog post by Jon Freach on Building a Health Narrative based off a talk by John Hagel at this year’s SXSWi, about the distinction between stories and narratives.

“How can the story of our health turn into a narrative with friends, family, physicians and the care community that is coherent, useful, participatory, and evolving? How can narrative put a face on our conditions and enable deeper understandings of ourselves and more meaningful interactions between us, our caregivers, and health providers that help us feel better and lead to wellness?”

A Model for Building a Coherent Health Narrative

1. Reflect: Think about your health, recall facts and events, begin a narrative
2. Express: Tell someone, such as a family member or doctor, about a health problem
3. Research: Search, find, and collect information about your condition
4. Externalize: Display information about you and your condition in your environment
5. Make Sense: Put the pieces of your history and research together

Read the full article about Building a Health Narrative

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