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3 Amazing New Secrets to Success, Now! software

To find out what the best viral headline words for you to use are, you don’t have to employ a data warehouse testing actual headlines for likes, retweets, pins, comments and shares, but it would be a very effective method to get the job accomplished. All you need to do is collect this free information and track the social media response to them. This information is available for free, as I said, across the Internet – one just needs to decide what you want to access as your sample data pool, and how to store that information. Buzzsumo has done the work, both for single headline words, and for three-word headline phrases

First, you’ll need to discover what kind of media your headlines is coming from, and what your method of measuring will be to determine if the piece has gone viral. You can choose from news articles, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit, among others. Then you need to find some method of tracking popularity, and use that to help whittle the list down. Once you’ve collected all of the headlines and determined where your cutoff will be, that’s where the magic happens. The list gets extracted, transformed and loaded in the data warehouse, ready for your search routines to rip through them, applying business intelligence to look for patterns in the successful headlines you’ve collected. Read more

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