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Streamline Healthcare Solutions

Streamline Healthcare Solutions

Streamline Healthcare Solutions is a company that provides user-friendly, integrated, more customizable and low-cost software solutions that can help behavioral as well as Primary Healthcare Market. It was founded by David Ryland and Javed Husain and what makes Streamline Healthcare Solutions be an excellent choice for behavioral healthcare administration is the low operating cost and the innovative business model. This company is built on insight, dashboard-driven and designed to grow and evolve. Advancement in technology has led to the introduction of sophisticated software solutions in the healthcare administration and this has helped to make things safer, simpler and efficient. Streamline Healthcare Solutions has implemented the building system methodology and it has guided and worked for the customers. This company has provided customizable packages which have allowed users to control their business more efficiently.

This company goes out of their way to provide custom solutions for their customers and clients. For example, Thresholds which is one of their customers wanted to an entry procedure to be reduced from taking an average of 10 to 12 minutes per patient to 2 to 3 minutes per patient; Streamline Healthcare Solutions had to revolutionize and update the amount of data entered so that speed and accuracy could be maintained. This was a smart system that had an easy user-friendly interface, auto-fill, and auto-correct capability and this helped to avoid any recurring actions. Thresholds began using the SmartCare of Streamline and this helped them to achieve their target of 2-3 minutes time which improved efficiency.

Streamline wants to make things easier by incorporating an exceptional top-down and dashboard driven software design. This system helps users to know what they are expected to do and each dashboard is designed to meet the user’s job needs. This software makes work easier as it is very intuitive.


This is a web-based application that is built to help in coordination, reporting, management and delivery of healthcare services. SmartCare is the first web-based application for Inpatient and Ambulatory services and it’s set up in a real environment at every service level. It includes inpatient, residential, outpatient and intensive outpatient, as well as other vital functionality for primary care services, e-prescribing, batch scanning or point of service, electronic communication with other providers and managing third party providers.

This software was developed to incorporate all healthcare administrations to move to a more reliable and efficient service approach. It goes well with industries that wish to have a system which can incorporate and map the whole processes and come up with a single solution and then keep on developing as business needs grow. Streamline also employs the Total Care Concept within the SmartCare that can be provided and tracked by the organization. This application is operated by industries with a minimum of 25 users and a maximum of 3,000 with different responsibilities, delivery services and multiple locations. The main functions of the system include:

  • SmartCare: This is an enterprise-wide electronic billing and clinical application that helps healthcare administrators.
  • SmartCareRX: This is an incorporated SureScripts licensed functionality that is mainly for e-prescribing.
  • SmartCare Residential: It’s an integrated functionality that includes bed tracking or census module that helps in billing and monitoring and it can be used for home/residential setting.
  • SmartCare Scanning: This is an integrated scanning functionality that can be used in batch scanning or in Point of Services (POS).
  • SmartCare Inpatient: It’s an integrated functionality that includes eMAR/CPOE, bed board, and whiteboard and mainly used in an inpatient setting.
  • SmartCare Mobile: This is a mobile online or offline application that helps to manage and track community’s service activities.
  • Streamline Analytics: It was built on the concept that was set forth by Ross and Kimball and it can increase reporting of large information over time efficiency.
  • SmartCare Day Services: It includes billing appropriately and check-in/out attendance tracking module. This module provides vital documentations such as quick access to the eMAR.
  • SmartCare Managed Care Origination: This is an integrated functionality that helps in communication, management and pays externally contracted providers of services.
  • SmartCare Primary Care: This includes modules that are designed to bill, schedule or progress notes of Primary Care.

There are four main products that Streamline has developed for its customers and clients and they are all in high demand. All these programs are integrated with other products offered by Streamline or developers can configure it to work with third-party software. These products include SmartCareEHR; SmartCarePM-It’s used for Practice management; SmartCareRx- It’s for managing patient medications; and SmartCareMCO-It’s used for customer particular operations.

Streamline has a unique licensing structure that is different from its competitors and them customer pay only for a low maintenance fee and implementation which makes their service be in high demand. Streamline developers provide a large resource pool that helps them to complete many of their implementations in 3-6 months and offer the low budget. The Streamline Healthcare Solutions focuses on developing results that will lower operating costs and improve the quality of care.

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