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How to Explain Software Testing Automation at the Holiday Table


The Holidays are a time for your family to get together and catch up on relationships, careers, and general life decisions that you have made that year. Speaking from personal experience, it can get pretty hairy! We can’t help you out with trying to explain why you decided to randomly move 3000 miles away from your family, or why you just HAD to adopt your ninth cat. However, we can help you to explain what exactly it means to be a test automation engineer.

A couple of weeks ago, Brian, one of our solutions architects, got an email from a friend, who had found the “perfect job” for Brian. After Brian checked out the job, he realized that there was definitely a disconnect between his actual role, and how people perceived his job: the job opening was for an entry level manual tester.

It can be difficult to explain the role of an automation software tester to your family and friends for a few reasons:

  • To explain the intricacies of software testing, people need to have a core understanding of technology, the importance of software testing, and how much devastation can be caused by a poor user experience
  • People assume that testers just click a few buttons to make sure that something works
  • There’s generally a ton of knowledge that is required to really understand software testing. My husband worked in QA for a few months, and didn’t know how to respond to me when I asked him what kind of software testing he is (I’m Penetration Testing).

Being an automation software tester is awesome, and your family should know why! But everyone needs a bit of a different explanation to really understand it.

Your Loving, yet Critical, Parents


Let’s face it – your parents think you are smart enough to be President of the United States, and they won’t be content until you have achieved that. So explain to them what a difference you are making in technology, how you are challenged every day with certain code aspects, or how great you feel about that framework that you are building. Make them understand that being a test automation engineer is challenging, fun and rewarding. Read More

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