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About Us

Imaginative Healthcare

Imaginative Healthcare is a hospital website gallery dedicated to healthcare design processes, best practices, digital interactivity, web design and development.

The site was created by other healthcare professionals and our hope is to create an environment in which we can comment, collaborate, share, and inspire other healthcare professionals.

Our mission

We showcase healthcare websites and create a medium in which healthcare professionals can inspire, collaborate and share ideas to better ourselves and patients.

Submit a website or digital piece

If you have a website you would like to share, feel free to submit a website with the following information.

Website name
Website features
Team members involved (optional)

Submit a article

If you would like to share a particular article involved with a healthcare case study, research, interactive design, development, processes or if you have an idea to to share, feel free to submit your article.

Give feedback

We are always interested in hearing and collborating with you. If you have any feedback about how we can improve our web site, please contact us at:

Get involved

If you are a healthcare professional and would like to participate. Contact us at:

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